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The boar is wild, The boar is angry, The boar has very sharp fangs, Whoever meets a boar in the woods, The one to LaQ quickly runs away.

Fragrance notes:

Head: bergamot, blackcurrant, pineapple, orange flower

Heart: patchouli, jasmine, herbs

Base notes: oakmoss, musk, amber

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Lotion tube - WILD BOAR

The boar is wild, but it's not bad. One has in the tube, the other has in the tip! Wild boar moisturizes better than a mud bath,  ...diminishes the natural odor so hunters lose their tracks.., but it doesn't mask the pig's character. If you don't want my undoing, buy me a nice Wild Tube!...

Price zł25.00

Wash and Scrub Peeling - WILD BOAR

A peeling for men with active carbon, shea butter and oak bark extract. In short: a sanding paste for thick skinned men. It contains washing substances of plant origin that gently and effectively cleanse the skin. An alternative to shower gel.

Price zł29.00

Face Butter - WILD BOAR

Wild face butter There’s no hidden philosophy behind this one. Apply a bit of face butter on your shaved or trimmed, but still wild, bearish face – not too much as the falling chestnuts and chestickles will cling to you getting all sticky, unless you like getting busted.

Price zł35.00