Lynx from the Mountains

What if I... put everything aside and go to the Bieszczady Mountains? Ryszard from Bieszczady Mountains recommends for hiking on mountain trails. And not only.

Fragrance notes:

Head: bergamot, lemon, sage, herbs

Heart: marine notes, lavender, jasmine, thyme, iris

Base notes: amber wood, patchouli, vetiver, tonka bean

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Shower Gel 8 in 1 - LYNX FROM MOUNTAIN

If tomorrow you have another deadline and you have a lot of tasks to finish asap ... When your manager gives you more challenges to face ... When the boss says you have to be brave as a lion, agile as a lynx, persistent like Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive, relagz, tayke it eazzy. Practice as...

Price zł22.00

Wash and Scrub Peeling - LYNX FROM MOUNTAIN

Better to sit on a branch of a tree than behind a desk in an office. Better to scratch the back against the bark of an oak than to scratch the head with a pencil. If you don't have an oak in your shower, use our fluffuy scrub and scratch to your heart's content. Feel the catharsis of being away...

Price zł29.00

Shampoo 1 in 1 for men - LYNX FROM MOUNTAIN

The manager is pushing because the his manager wants to show in front of the board how the bars are rising in the Excel presentation? Hold on till Friday. Let all the pressure run down like a canoe on a mountain stream. And in the face of #$%&*** Monday, wash off all the dirt, in places your...

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Wild nature right under your nose? You don't have to drop everything and go to the Bieszczady Mountains. This oil is a protected species. What little lynx does not grow, big lynx will not be able to nourish. So use it aboundatly on all your facial hair. If this oil of ours is not enough for you,...

Price zł35.00


When you are the largest cat in Europe and all eyes are on you, it is worth taking care of your image. It does not matter if your face is in the logo of the Bieszczady National Park or you are unwittingly posing for a photo while marking the area. With our butter, you will attange a troublesome...

Price zł35.00