Trying to make money or maybe wild sex has made your skin smell like wet dog hair? That's the smell of sex and business! The Doberman is in a class of its own! He will leave on you the amazing smell of money already earned and will please your woman a hundred times more! For untamed individuals, it will help remove the hint of embarrassment when caught chasing other bitches, and most importantly, it will even wash away the stain of honor and erase any puppy antics from your memory.

Fragrance notes:

Head: lemon, grapefruit, aquatic notes

Heart: apple, mint, pink pepper, rose

Base notes: cedarwood, sandalwood, dry woods, tonka, musk

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Shampoo for men 1 in 1 - DOBERMANN

Your hair is lifeless? Bad luck. We can not resurrect them. But we can accure they will be clean. And they splendor-scented. Look, you're a not the kind of dog who is barking up the wrong tree. But remember this: bitches like neat and well-trimmed hairstyles. The ones on the top and the ones...

Price zł22.00

Shower Gel 8 in 1 - DOBERMANN

Trying to earn money, or maybe wild sex made your skin smell like wet dog hair? Is this the smell of sex and business?! Gentlemen... No! You have to wash it off! The Doberman is a class of its own! It will leave you with an amazing scent of already earned money and will please your woman a...

Price zł22.00

Face Butter - DOBERMANN

Awaken your Doberman class with a hint of sex and business. A tie around the neck - not a leash, butter on the face - not a muzzle. If the richest of this world knew our butter, they would probably earn even more.

Price zł35.00

Wash and Scrub Peeling - DOBERMANN

Cream de la cream that even connoisseurs would not be ashamed of. A slag paste for real racing dogs. It helps to shed old skin and grow success and prosperity in its place.

Price zł29.00

Face'N' Beard Oil - DOBERMANN

Oil lubricates the pistons and the pistons power the entire machine. You put the oil on your mouth, you put it on your phiz, pistons, limbs and wherever you don't have enough lubrication on. You are not an ordinary mongrel, you know what to do. This is a pedigree dog oil!

Price zł35.00

Glycerin Soap for men - DOBERMANN

Soap with the scent of sex and business.It does not rejuvenate. It does not make the skin smoother. It does not exfoliate.It does not wash dirty money.

Price zł13.00