An extraordinary series for women like our Bunny: subtle, delicate, with natural elegance and tempting allure. Women that are hard to forget.
The fragrance of spring will emphasize your femininity and soothe your senses, giving you energy.

Fragrance notes:
Head: mandarin
Heart: forget-me-not, peach, carnation, jasmine, orange blossom
Base: vanilla, sandalwood, cedarwood, amber

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Shower Gel for women - BUNNY FORGET-ME-NOT

A gel designed for subtle and delicate women, with natural elegance and tempting allure. The women that are hard to forget. Allow your body to be wrapped in a sensual scent that will emphasize your femininity and soothe your senses and give you energy.

Price zł22.00

Face Cleansing Mousse - BUNNY FORGET-ME-NOT

A light face cleansing mousse with a sensual fragrance provides the skin with a gentle cleaning without disturbing its natural pH. The addition of postbiotic, borage oil, forget-me-nots extract, aloe juice and panthenol soothes and leaves the skin silky smooth. Ideally suited to the daily care of...

Price zł20.00


Natural face butter with the scent of sensual perfumes includes shea butter, hemp oil, raspberry seed oil, watermelon and vitamin E, which will regenerate your skin at any time of the year. The addition of a moisturizing complex containing, among others, allantoin, d-panthenol, Copaiba balm and...

Price zł35.00

Wash and Scrub Peeling - BUNNY FORGET-ME-NOT

Even a diamond needs to be polished every now and then. That's why we have created this super sweet sugar scrub dipped in a cleansing, perfectly foaming mousse. Sugar removes dead skin cells and makes your skin flawlessly smooth. Gentle cleansing substances purify the skin. Shea butter, vegetable...

Price zł29.00


If your skin is dry and prone to irritation, our regenerating body butter will bring a pleasant relief to your skin. Due to the wealth of natural nutrients, you will notice the effect of intensive moisturizing after the first use!

Price zł38.00