Our tastiest series - with a mad scent of sweet pralines. Perfect for chilly evenings when you are looking to soothe your tired body and senses. Savor every minute of your skincare routine!

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Shower Gel - PRALINE

The shower gel with the scent of Christmas praline is based on mild washing substances of plant origin. The addition of a complex of moisturizing ingredients, including urea, vitamin B3, lactic acid and inositol, moisturizes and strengthens the skin's protective barrier.97% natural...

Price zł14.00

Wash and Scrub Peeling - PRALINE

Even a diamond needs to be polished every now and then. That's why we have created this super sweet sugar scrub dipped in a cleansing, perfectly foaming mousse. Sugar removes dead skin cells and makes your skin flawlessly smooth. Gentle cleansing substances purify the skin. Shea butter, vegetable...

Price zł29.00

Face Cleansing Mousse - Praline

Fluffy face cleansing mousse was designed to gently clean your face without disrupting the natural pH of the skin. Thanks to cocoa, vanilla and walnut extracts, complex of moisturizing ingredients and high content of glycerin obtained from plants it leaves the skin silky and well moisturized....

Price zł20.00

Face Butter - PRALINE

This natural face butter is rich in shea butter, hemp oil, raspberry seed oil, watermelon and vitaminE, which regenerate your skin. Additional moisturising complex consists of such ingredients as allantoin, panthenol, Copaiba balm and olive oil and strengthens skin’s protective barrier.

Price zł35.00

Body Butter - PRALINE

If your skin is dry and prone to irritation, our regenerating body butter will bring a pleasant relief to your skin. Due to the wealth of natural nutrients, you will notice the effect of intensive moisturizing after the first use!

Price zł38.00

Soy Candle - PRALINE

Natural soy candle with a dual us. As a traditional scented candle For full body massage

Price zł49.00