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Our tastiest series - with a mad scent of sweet pralines. Perfect for chilly evenings when you are looking to soothe your tired body and senses. Savor every minute of your skincare routine!

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Body washing mousses PRALINE

3 in 1 Intensively moisturizing natural body mousse LaQ is a wonderfully light and wonderfully fragrant foam that combines the properties of shower gel and shaving foam. It will also successfully replace your shampoo!

Price zł25.00

Cream for body - PRALINE

I am a natural rich nourishing cream for body care. I have a pleasant consistency and absorb quickly without leaving an oily layer on the skin. I smell of delicious pralines! Use me on your whole body, relax and let me work - I will take care of your skin and senses like nobody else.

Price zł38.00

Face Cleansing Mousse PRALINE

Fluffy face cleansing mousse was designed to gently clean your face without disrupting the natural pH of the skin.

Price zł20.00

Shower Gel - PRALINE

The shower gel with the scent of Christmas praline is based on mild washing substances of plant origin.

Price zł14.00

Soy Candle - PRALINE

Natural soy candle with a dual us. As a traditional scented candle For full body massage

Price zł49.00

Face Butter - PRALINE

This natural face butter is rich in shea butter, hemp oil, raspberry seed oil, watermelon and vitaminE, which regenerate your skin. Additional moisturising complex consists of such ingredients as allantoin, panthenol, Copaiba balm and olive oil and strengthens skin’s protective barrier.

Price zł35.00