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Vegan shampoo with aloe, fenugreek, chamomile and marshmallow extracts and vitamins. Nourishing shampoo with a neutral pH for daily use, is based on natural ongredients. The recipe was made for healthy, soft and shiny hair. Plant extracts and a vitamin complex strengthen the hair and provide proper care for the scalp. The shampoo makes combing easier and at the same time does not weigh down the hair. Hair remain strong, fully nourished and moisturized after washing.

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Shampoo - PEONY

Nourishing shampoo with neutral pH, for daily care. It is a natural recipe for healthy, soft and shiny hair. It contains plant extracts and a vitamin complex which will strengthen your hair and take proper care of the scalp. The shampoo helps detangle the hair without weighing it down and keeps...

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Hair Mask - PEONY

Vegan nourishing hair mask for hair that requires nourishment and strengthening. The natural pH neutral mask contains the right combination of proteins, emollients and moisturisers that properly nourish and strengthen your hair. The mask restores a healthy look to your hair and also regenerates...

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Shampoo for men 1 in 1 - GOAT

Gdy po spotkaniu z kolegami przy kufelku tego, co prawdziwe kozły lubią najbardziej, zastanawiasz się, skąd wziął się biały proszek na Twoich ramionach, to wcale nie znaczy, że impreza była aż tak dobra, prawdopodobnie to czas na przeciwłupieżowy szampon z chmielem.  Naturalny szampon do włosów z...

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Shampoo 1 in 1 for men - MOUNTAIN LYNX

The manager is pushing because the his manager wants to show in front of the board how the bars are rising in the Excel presentation? Hold on till Friday. Let all the pressure run down like a canoe on a mountain stream. And in the face of #$%&*** Monday, wash off all the dirt, in places your...

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Shampoo for men 1 in 1 - DOBERMANN

Your hair is lifeless? Bad luck. We can not resurrect them. But we can accure they will be clean. And they splendor-scented. Look, you're a not the kind of dog who is barking up the wrong tree. But remember this: bitches like neat and well-trimmed hairstyles. The ones on the top and the ones...

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Extremely wild shampoo for men - WILD BOAR

Perfect for men from 3 to 333 years old withthe hair length from 3 mm to 300 cm. It washesall types of hair including streaks, dyed or bleach-blonde hair and those manly hairstyles too.No matter if straight or curly, regardless of whereit grows, on the head or down there, feel free to use the...

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Set: Showergel + oil+ shampoo WILD BOAR

Bla bla bla, bla bla bla, dobra loszka nie jest zła. W zestawie znajdziesz: Ekstremalnie Dziki Żel 8 w 1 z ekstraktem z dębu - 500 ml - Żel pod prysznic dla mężczyzn o zapachu męskich perfum. Olejek na ryj brodaty i bez szczeciny - Dzik 30 ml - Olejek przed i po goleniu oraz do brody. Szampon...

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