Extremely wild shower gel 8 in 1 - BOAR FROM FOREST 5 l

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Extremely Wild Gel 100% satisfaction*

*The study has been conducted on the group of two carefully selected male representatives of the human species.

All respondents have confirmed that the EWG washes your skin.

It is also perfect for shaving everything that you like to shave and we do not have to even know about it. Interestingly,

100% of our respondents claim that they have absolutely no cellulite after using our Extremely Wild Shower Gel.

The lack of any negative reviews is no surprise to us.

Even if they came up, we would have to ignore them, as all sows go wild after their boars take shower.

They all agree: the gel smells fudging awesome!


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5000 ml
Sposób użycia
Niewielka ilość żelu rozprowadzić na skórze do uzyskania piany, następnie spłukać.
Dzika z lasu - męskich perfum

Extremely wild shower gel 8...

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