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Face Butter - DOBERMANN

Awaken your Doberman class with a hint of sex and business. A tie around the neck - not a leash, butter on the face - not a muzzle. If the richest of this world knew our butter, they would probably earn even more.

Price zł35.00


When you are the largest cat in Europe and all eyes are on you, it is worth taking care of your image. It does not matter if your face is in the logo of the Bieszczady National Park or you are unwittingly posing for a photo while marking the area. With our butter, you will attange a troublesome...

Price zł35.00

Face Butter - GOAT

Sublime face butter that can smoothen the snout of a goat from Poznań man-scented

Price zł35.00

Face Butter - WILD BOAR

Wild face butter There’s no hidden philosophy behind this one. Apply a bit of face butter on your shaved or trimmed, but still wild, bearish face – not too much as the falling chestnuts and chestickles will cling to you getting all sticky, unless you like getting busted.

Price zł35.00