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Strengthening shampoo with biotin

A natural strengthening shampoo with biotin to care for weak and falling hair. Reduces hair loss, promotes hair growth and increases volume.

Price zł22.00

Regenerating shampoo with vitamins

Natural regenerating shampoo with vitamins to care for dry and damaged hair. Reduces breakage, eliminates frizz, strengthens and nourishes.

Price zł22.00

Moisturizing shampoo with postbiotics

Natural moisturising shampoo with postbiotics to care for frizzy hair and sensitive scalp. Intensely moisturises, does not dry out the scalp, softens and smooths hair.

Price zł22.00

Shampoo - PEONY

Nourishing shampoo with neutral pH, for daily care. It is a natural recipe for healthy, soft and shiny hair.

Price zł22.00

Set: Shampoo + Hair Mask - PEONY

An already cult series with the sensual fragrance of an exclusive perfume. This fragrance reflects all facets of a woman's nature: sensuality, wildness, mystery, sex appeal and elegance. For women like our Catwoman: strong and determined, knowing their worth and how to use their strengths!

Price zł51.00
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Hair Mask - PEONY

Vegan nourishing hair mask for hair that requires nourishment and strengthening.

Price zł29.00