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Sat the Goat on the Internet, what did he order? Well you know! Goats and sheep sniff the LaQ face kit. And the goat does not picky, with its beautiful face it puts to shame!

Fragrance notes:

Head: ice mint, bergamot

Heart: geranium, apple

Base notes: vanilla, sandalwood, cedar

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Men's SET - 3 x Shower gel 500 ml - DOBERMANN LYNX GOAT

A good mix of scents, pets and what's needed - after all, every cheque is business and cLass - sex will be too. Included in the set you will find: Shower Gel 8 in 1 - DOBERMANN Shower Gel 8 in 1 - MOUNTAIN LYNX Shower Gel for men 8 in 1 500 ml - GOAT

Price zł66.00
  • Pack

Shower Gel for men 8 in 1 500 ml - GOAT

We could write a lot about the benefits of our gel, but, Gentlemen, let’s be frank: who cares? So, you can simply use this gel to clean your hair, face, hands, body, your family jewels and that other thing that men keep after a divorce. You can also use it to wash your dog,* or even your beloved...

Price zł22.00

Shampoo for men 1 in 1 - GOAT

When, after meeting your mates over a pint of what real goats like best, you wonder where the white powder on your shoulders came from, it doesn't mean the party was all that good, it's probably time for an anti-dandruff shampoo with hops.  A natural hair shampoo with tea tree extract and a...

Price zł22.00

Glycerin Soap for men - GOAT

Soaps is a line of hand-made glycerin soaps produced according to our own recipe and available in various designs, color and fragrance versions.

Price zł13.00

Face'N' Beard Oil - GOAT

Sometimes just a drop is enough to blank out your memory. On other occasions, this same drop can bring new life into being.

Price zł35.00

Face Butter - GOAT

Sublime face butter that can smoothen the snout of a goat from Poznań man-scented

Price zł35.00

Set: Shower Gel for men 8 in 1 + Wash and Scrub Peeling +...

The Goat sat down on the internet, what did he order? You know very well! With the LaQ murk kit Goats and sheep sniff. And the Goat doesn't fuss, with his beautiful face! Included in the set you will find: Shower Gel for men 8 in 1 500 ml - GOAT Wash and Scrub Peeling for men - GOAT Glycerin...

Price zł78.00
  • Pack