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A super refreshing series with a juicy scent of fresh kiwi fruit and grapes. Perfect for women like our Bunny - active, energetic and full of positive energy every day. The series is just perfect to start the day! And to start a night too.

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Face Mousse - KIWI & GRAPES

A light face mousse with a sweet aroma of kiwi and grapes provides gentle cleansing of the skin without disturbing its natural pH.

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Face Butter - KIWI & GRAPES

This natural face butter with the fragrance of kiwi and grapes is rich in shea butter, hemp oil, raspberry seed oil, watermelon and vitamin E that regenerate your skin all year round. The addition of a moisturising complex consisting of such ingredients as allantoin, panthenol, copaiba balm and...

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Shower Gel - KIWI & GRAPES

Gentle recipe based on cleansing substances obtained from plants, enriched with kiwi and grape extracts provides skin cleansing without dehydrating effect.

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