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Our popular range of cosmetics for her with a sensual scent of exclusive perfumes. This fragrance reflects all facets of female nature: sensuality, wildness, mystery, sexiness and elegance. For women like our Kitty: strong and decisive, knowing their value and able to use their strengths!

Fragrance notes:
Head: orange, nerola
Heart: peony flower, orange blossom, jasmine, gardenia
Base: patchouli, vanilla, tonka

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Shampoo - PEONY

Nourishing shampoo with neutral pH, for daily care. It is a natural recipe for healthy, soft and shiny hair.

Price zł22.00

Face Cleansing Mousse - PEONY

Fluffy face cleansing mousse was designed to gently clean your face without disrupting the natural pH of the skin.

Price zł20.00

Body washing mousses PEONY

3 in 1 Intensively moisturizing natural body mousse LaQ is a wonderfully light and wonderfully fragrant foam that combines the properties of shower gel and shaving foam. It will also successfully replace your shampoo!

Price zł25.00

Face Butter - PEONY

This protective face butter is rich in shea butter, hemp oil, raspberry seed oil, watermelon oil and vitamin E.

Price zł35.00

Shower Gel for women 500 ml - PEONY

The gel captures all 50 shades of female nature. This is it! The essence of sensuality, wildness, mystery, sex appeal and elegance combined together for strong and determined women who know their value and are ready to manifest their strengths! The gel has the scent of exclusive perfume combined...

Price zł22.00

Set: Shampoo + Hair Mask - PEONY

An already cult series with the sensual fragrance of an exclusive perfume. This fragrance reflects all facets of a woman's nature: sensuality, wildness, mystery, sex appeal and elegance. For women like our Catwoman: strong and determined, knowing their worth and how to use their strengths!

Price zł51.00
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Hair Mask - PEONY

Vegan nourishing hair mask for hair that requires nourishment and strengthening.

Price zł29.00

Face tonic - PEONY

For all skin types, including sensitive Natural toner in a mist for all skin types, including sensitive skin. For toning the skin on the face and neck.

Price zł22.00

Lotion tube - PEONY

The scent of exclusive perfumes and an extremely groomed body. Every wild cat likes to pamper her skin with luxury. Natural ingredients enchanted in a prestigious lotion, all enclosed in a tube. Celebrate being yourself!

Price zł25.00

Micellar water - PEONY

A natural, pH-neutral micellar water for all skin types to cleanse the face and neck.

Price zł25.00

Soy Candle - PEONY

Natural soy candle with a dual us. As a traditional scented candle For full body massage

Price zł49.00